Railway Square

Astor Square, Huntington Court, Railway Square, Reading Court


Alec Plotkin, President

Marie Campbell, Treasurer

Sriram Kudaravalli, Secretary

Dave Skop, Vice President

Jane Laycock, Member at Large

2016 Election Meeting Update


2017 Railway Square Annual Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 17th at 7 pm in the clubhouse. There will be a general update on the sub as there are no elections this year. posted 8/2/17

Railway Square: Information regarding a Declaration and Bylaw amendment change will be distributed to residents in the near future. The changes are noted below. A vote of 67% or 154 owners must approve this change.

Investor owners will be required to occupy a unit they purchase for a period of at least one (1) year prior to leasing the unit. The number of rentals per investor owner may not exceed the current FHA condominium project-owner requirement. This change is recommended to ensure and promote owner-occupancy of Units as well as enhance the property value of Owners and ensures that the Association maintains its FHA eligibility for insured mortgages by meeting their requirements and limitations of rental units in the Association.

Owners are responsible for the maintenance, repair and replacement of all the utility lines (including fire sprinkler system) within their individual condominium, and the maintenance, repair and replacement of utility lines outside of their condominium, until the utility lines connect to a common connection, at which point all owners served by that common connection would be responsible for the maintenance, repair and replacement of the common utility lines. Owners are obligated to have their sprinkler systems inspected each year and to provide proof to the association within 30 days. If proof is not provided, the association may conduct the inspections, cause any repairs to be made and assess the cost to the owner. No Unit Owner shall be allowed to lease his or her Unit unless that Unit Owner shall have first resided in the Unit at least one year prior to leasing his or her Unit.

The Bylaws will be amended to state that a member must be the legal Owner per recorded deed who must maintain their legal ownership and legal residence permanently in the Association to be elected or appointed to the Board. This change will ensure that only active Owners in the Association are managing the Association.